sobota, 2 czerwca 2012

Gorgeous Charlize Theron for InStyle June 2012

Charlize Theron on being a single woman: 
“I’m always open to a relationship, but I’m not putting those feelers out there now.”

Charlize Theron on adopting her son Jackson: 
“It was never a question that one day I would have a child.”

Charlize Theron on her age: 
“I don’t feel like an aging at all. I don’t think about that stuff. Especially not at 36.”

Charlize Theron on her current life: 
“I’m good with how my life is right now. It’s very different, and I appreciate that. I’m happy and at peace.”

Charlize Theron on what she would do if she could switch careers at her current age:
“I would be an amazing butler. I’m very good at organizing a house.”

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  1. Lubie wsobie jakas tajemnice i elegancje...
    No i czytam In Style'a:)
    milej soboty:)

  2. Ładna z niej babka :)

    Udanego tygodnia!!